Roland’s Vancouver Restaurant Compendium

August 25, 2012 at 12:09 (Beer, Food)

This compendium is the product of nearly three years of assiduous dining out while living in Vancouver, BC. Yes, I have personally been to every single one I listed, and more besides; only the ones I recommend make the cut. Many restaurants aren’t on here because I never got around to trying them (good examples would be Twisted Fork Bistro, or Bitter). You might also notice a few very well-known Vancouver hot-spots are absent because I think they’re not all they are cracked up to be and better alternatives exist (which is not to say that, e.g., Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe is a bad place, just that it gets more hype than it deserves). The listing inevitably betrays some of my own position and biases: the geographical point of departure is UBC, the dietary assumptions are highly meat-centric (but almost no worthwhile Vancouver establishment lacks adequate vegetarian options), the alcohols of choice are overwhelmingly beer and whiskey, some culinary styles that I am generally not as excited about are underrepresented (sorry pizza, sorry Thai food), while others are overrepresented (I hope you like poutine), and I mostly left out places where you can only snack as opposed to have a meal (with the obvious exception of the section on coffee shops; anyhow, sorry, gelaterias and bubble tea houses). Urbanspoon links are included for location and other details, but don’t get too caught up reading the reviews. I encourage you to save, use, and share the list, and give me feedback! Read the rest of this entry »


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